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Since 2005 RGPmedia has successfully produced countless VIDEOs for Corporate, Broadcast and Advertising Industries, as well as Professionals, Non-Profits, Artists, Individuals and Families.

Our expertise allows us to consistantly deliver on our production promises to our diverse client base.

"From Script-to-Screen
and everything between"

What Our Clients Are Saying
"Wow!! O-M-G!!! This is really great!!!!!!! You are a master!!!" - SM
"Saw the video, what a product! Perfect, beautiful, tasteful. You really outdid yourself on this short notice. Thank you!" - MP
"This is fabulous. I'm truly over-whelmed. Thanks so much." - JC 
"The video is perfect!! The more I watch it the more I'm amazed at your brilliance in splicing the various sequences together. It's a very convincing editing job. The music is exactly the right and the piano work provides the right flow, interest and excitement for the people discovering the product for the first time. Very Well Done!!! Thanks for all your hard work". - LM
"WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!! We really really really love it! ITS PERFECT!!!!!" - KP
"I want to thank you again for a superb job.  Truly magnificent.  Thank you from the whole family. Truly wonderful gift for us to have my mother memorialized so beautifully." - AE


Did you know that the average person remembers only 20% from what they read, and only retain 30% from what they hear? Where-as with VIDEO, people are able to remember an incredible 70%!! With these powerful statistics you can understand why VIDEO is a must-have marketing tool if you want to effectively get your companies message to stand out in a message saturated environment.
The Importance of Video in a Digital World
VIDEO: No other medium is able to capture people's attention like video!
VIDEO: Has the ability to deliver a compelling message that people WILL remember!
VIDEO: Is the number one medium to explain how your products and services can make a difference!

GREAT VIDEO is a communication tool of unparalleled impact. It can change history, inspire movements, share and amplify emotions, and build a community. Bad video gets turned off. Nobody watches bad video. Not your employees, even if you tell then to. Not your parents, even if you send them "the cutest" videos of your kids. And certainly not your prospects or clients! (continued below ...)

Faced with the choice of watching a terrible video or something that looks professional that they can get with the touch of a button or mouse, no reasonable person will watch a bad one - unless you're standing over them going, "Watch this. You'll love it!" Then they'll grit their teeth and mumble, "Oh. Yeah this is great." But trust me, if you'd send them a link, they'd have been gone in under 20 seconds. Admit it - you would too.

Even mediocre video doesn't stand a chance, because we live in a world of great video. From Hollywood to Bollywood, pros crank out video that's technically perfect and reasonably entertaining. When you scan YouTube, the most-viewed videos are the best of more than one billion served by the site everyday. The ones that float to the top of that enormous pile have to be pretty damn good. That's why the opposite of "Good" is "Off" and that's why you want a Professional Video from RGPmedia.

If your video's not good, it's gone. And so is all your effort (and time and money). If your video doesn't get watched, you have no chance to inspire. No chance to inform, to build your team, or to share your passion. In fact you may uninspire people. It is a FACT: a BAD video is worse than NO video!

GREAT VIDEO doesn't just "happen" - it takes know-how and experience to produce an effective and visually compelling message. From TV shows to commercials to Corporate Marketing to Company Profiles to Special Events and Tribute Videos, RGPmedia has the experience to handle your project from concept to completion and deliver compelling video communication that grabs your audience's attention.

Which is why RGPmedia's first and highest principle of creating video is to make one that is Creative, Affordable and gets Results by making videos that WILL actually be watched!
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