The pricing structure here at RGPmedia is very simple, but every project is unique and every client has different needs and wants. It's actually impossible to be fair to all by having an "ala carte" menu of services at set prices.

Rather, we find out what you really need and want, what your budget comfort zone is, and then we propose a solution to achieve those goals within your allocated budget. Once agreed, we promise to never go over that budget, unless approved in advance in writing if circumstances, scope of work changed after project commences. But again, only with your permission first.

There are NEVER any "surprise" or "hidden fees' or "add-on's" or "extras."

Everything is included: Scripting, Producing, Directing, Shooting, Editing, Sound, Music, Titles, Graphics, etc.

We refuse to insult your intelligence by "nickel & diming" you for anything we can get. Instead, we always try to deliver more and better and faster than was promised so you come back to us to us again and again so we build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

That being said, you should know that RGPmedia routinely does projects working with budgets anywhere from $500 to $10,000.00, depending on size and complexity.

To find out how much your project(s) might be, give us a call to arrange for your FREE 15 minute consultation. 727-466-8988


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