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Everyone Watches Video!
In this day and age, VIDEO is mandatory to get (and keep!) your target audience's attention.

We are here to make your project Creative, Affordable, and get the Results you need!

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Frances needed an introductory video.

Her previous appearances on National TV shows her expertise and experience as a TV Commentator and Financial Analyst.

RGPmedia obtained hundreds of earlier appearances and melded some of these into a cohesive presentation.

Econologics Financial Advisors has commissioned RGPmedia to create a unique "video brand" with dozens of new videos as well as repair and correct earlier videos (done by others.)

Here's one of the first of several - an Invitation to join the Private Practice Millionaire's Club.

Co-Owners Inc needed an introductory video to launch a new product and service. After getting several over-priced quotes from other vendors for a "live on screen" presentation, RGPmedia came up with an alternative solution that was both creative and affordable ... and is getting results!

National PR Firm JoTo PR has commissioned RGPmedia to produce a series of informational videos which describe to viewers everything why PR is vital in the new economy, what JoTo offers and why they get results. This is the first in the series.
Novus needed an introductory video to help viewers understand exactly what they did and why. RGPmedia ran with the concept and wrote the script based on their already existing marketing research, then put it together using existing still images ... without the added expense of going on location to shoot footage.

AGENT LINK markets nationally and required a simple fast intro video so voewers could easily understand the scope of their expertise. In just a few short hours RGPmedia shot and edited this video, which is getting excellent results.

Award winning singer/songwriter David Pomeranz requested a video to promote his original theatrical show "Chaplin", so that booking agents and theater managers could easily understand the concept, popularity and impact, without having seen the actual show. RGPmedia worked tirelessly to provide an overview that was not only informative, but entertaining in and of itself.

A large high-end property had been on the market for over a year with two different agencies, but neither agency recieved a legitimate offer at all.

The property owner then called upon Brian Andrus, owner of Stonebridge Real Estate, who knew of RGP media and our excellent results.

He contacted us to create a short but informative video that would truly capture the unique splendour of the property and show it's true value and worth.
Working with Brian's years of experience, RGPmedia developed a plan, a script, got several voice talent auditioned and final voice talent approved, hired, recorded and edited. We then created music for the video that is simple, yet elegant, and the whole video was put together for a clean, fast, viewer-freindly experience.

The results? Within 48 hours of Brian sending the video out to his prospect list the property had three offers, one of which was accepted and went under contract! THAT's the power of VIDEO!

A unique product that was very successful in Europe becomes available in the USA.

RGPmedia was commissioned to capture the essense of the product and created this affordable introductory video for BIOXIDEA.


After the Introductory video, people need to know how simple and easy the product is to use.

T his 'How-To" video was also created by RGPmedia and recieved excellent response and results.



The Freedom Center an award winning drug rehabiltation facility in Albion Michigan, selected RGPmedia to script, direct, shoot and edit this "Winners" video when they were awarded best rehab facility of 2012.
More samples available on request ...
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